Vault dweller (Fallout)

By Black_Templar on March 31st, 2023
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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Armor used:
Head – Aviator Sunglasses
Shoulders – Studded Shoulders
Chest – Metal Legion Band T-Shirt Skin
Gloves – Powered Left Glove
Pants – Rubicon Leggings
Boots – Seeker Boots

Rifle - Deadeye's Rifle

Dyes used – Shadow Abyss (aviator sunglasses), Umber (shoulders, boots, knee pads on pants), Vista (chest, pants), Sunfire Lava (belt on pants), Dijon (Gloves metal parts), Green Lion (Gloves gems), Peach Ice (Gloves)

A bit of character lore:
This is a Vault dweller from vault 160.

On October 22, 2077 a mysterious stranger confronted our hero with the news that he was one of the very lucky few that were handpicked to join the residence of Vault 160 in the case of a nuclear fallout. Upon reaching and entering the vault the nukes dropped from the sky changing the world to a harsh wasteland filled with monsters, mutants and radiation.
Many years have passed with the vault sealed from the outside world. The vault was also a research site for experimental portal and teleportation technology. Some strangers in power armor have learned of this and attacked the vault. Upon entering they opened fire on anyone they found.
Desperate, our hero locked him self and a few others in the portal testing room. Armed with his trusty rifle and a fully working pip-boy. With no hope of survival against the attackers they decide to go true the portal unknowing where it might lead them to.
After a while our hero woke up alone in a forest with strange looking buildings and technologies everywhere. He could also spot a giant cube like structure in the distance. But before he could react a strange small creature with large ears approached him, demanding to know where he came from. Upon telling his story he learned that the creature he was talking to is an asura and that he was near a place called Rata Sum. He also noticed his pip-boy was looking a bit different. Upon which the asura told him he repaired and upgraded it while he was unconscious. He was impressed with the new pip-boy and asked if he has seen anyone else with him. Asura told him that he found him alone.
With this information our hero set out to explore this new world maybe make some new friends and possibly find more survivors along the way.

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Almost makes you wish for a searing
2023-06-05 5:37