Elara The Dark Healer

By Black_Templar on December 8th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Silver
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This is my healer scourge.

Light Armor used:
Head – Royal Pointed Ears
Shoulders – Luminous Light Pauldrons
Chest – Etherbound Chestplate
Gloves – Luminous Light Vambraces
Pants – Warlord's Leggings
Boots – Luminous Light Greaves

Staff - Equinox Staff

Dyes used:
- Shadow Abyss (helmet [bottom left], chest [bottom left and right], gloves [top right], pants [top right], boots [bottom left]),
- Night Shade (helmet [bottom right], shoulders [bottom row], chest [top left], gloves [bottom left and right], pants [top left and bottom right], boots [top right]),
- Silver Satin (helmet [top row], shoulders [top row], chest [top right], gloves [top left], pants [bottom left], boots [top left and bottom right]),
- Midnight Ice (chest [bottom right])

Character lore:
Elara Darkhart was born in the perpetual twilight of the Shadowfell realm, and stood as a luminous anomaly among her kind. Her origin was steeped in contradiction—she emerged
from a society built upon dominance and power. She was also born with a natural gift for necromancy and a hidden potential for healing.

Her exceptional gift for healing, rare among her people who struggled with powerful arcane arts, made Elara Darkhart stand out. Whispers about her remarkable healing talent spread quietly,
setting her apart from her peers. While the expectation was to embrace the traditional path of dominance, Elara's heart veered toward compassion, empathy, and a desire to aid the vulnerable.
This choice marked her as an outlier among her people, igniting a path that diverged from the norms.

The Shadowfell's unforgiving denizens couldn't comprehend her divergence from the expected mold. Her decision to prioritize healing and kindness over dominion and power led to her banishment from her home realm.
Thus, Elara found herself thrust into Tyria, a world teeming with unfamiliar creatures and unknown dangers.

There, Elara sought to conceal her remarkable powers, but whispers of her prodigious talents in necromancy followed her like a haunting melody. This hindered her ability to form connections,
fostering a growing sense of social unease and instilling a trace of fear among the locals. Undeterred, she remained resolute in her chosen path, a silent testament to the unyielding spirit within her.

Her journey became a tapestry woven with tales of compassion and bravery. With each step, she wielded the profound arcane arts of healing, tending to those in need,
proving that even wielders of dark arts could serve as beacons of light.

Through her journeys across distant lands and challenging trials, Elara earned the moniker 'the wandering healer'. Her consistent efforts gradually began to mend the fractures in her reputation among the people of Tyria.
Her deeds and unwavering presence throughout Tyria transformed her from a figure of fear into a revered marvel—a beacon of respect and trustworthiness.

Despite her affinity for healing, Elara is no stranger to the art of combat. When necessity dictates, she seamlessly transitions from a healer to warrior, wielding her skills not just to mend wounds but to also inflict them.
Her proficiency in the arcane arts extend far into the battlefield, where she stands as a stalwart defender against any threat.

This duality, the graceful transition from healer to warrior, puzzles some, and inspires others adding yet another layer to the story of Elara Darkhart.

Elara's seamless shift from a nurturing healer to a formidable warrior captivates onlookers, sparking both curiosity and admiration. This multifaceted aspect of her character perplexes some,
leaving them in awe of her versatile abilities, while others find inspiration in her adaptability and strength. Unbeknownst to many, amid her adventures, Elara's soul resonates with the harmonies of music and the vivid strokes of artistry,
despite her limited exposure to both while she was in Shadowfell. Her fascination with music and artistry serves as a testament to her yearning for expressions beyond the constraints of her past. However,
her skill in these domains remains modest, reflecting her lack of formal training or extensive exposure. Nonetheless, this clandestine passion for creative expression adds layers to her enigmatic persona,
subtly shaping her journey as she traverses the realms of healing, adventure, and self-discovery.

Exiled from her home and deemed an abomination by her kin, Elara Darkhart chose to be a healer by heart and an adventurer by choice.
Her eyes gleam with anticipation for the uncharted journey ahead, signaling a new chapter in her unwritten tale.