Comment Replies

I am super-excited to announce a new system for comment replies!

When you visit a look page that has comments, next to the report button you’ll see a little green reply button. After pressing that button, any comment you enter into the comment box at the bottom of the page will be saved as a reply instead. To indicate this, the Add Comment button will now display Reply To Comment.

Comment replies are public and will be displayed just like any other comment on the look page, except that next to the time of their posting it will also indicate that the comment was posted in reply to another user.

When a user replies to one of your comments, this will increase your notification counter that normally tells you about comments on your own looks. The old (and confusing) “comments after yours posted in the last three days” section on the notifications page is gone, and replaced with a section that just shows direct replies to you. So if you see the counter go up, be sure to check your replies as well as the comments on your own looks!

You can only reply to one person in a single comment, so if you have multiple comments you’d like to reply to, you need to create multiple replies.

For performance reasons the ability to reply to comments is disabled on blog posts.

Please try this feature out and let me know if you run into any problems or notice the site loading especially slowly. I expect there will be some kinks to iron out ;)
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