A lonely MINER

By ieva on March 25th, 2024
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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______________________ A miner is a person who extracts ores, coal, chalk, clay or other minerals from the earth by mining. The term is used in two senses. In the narrower sense, a miner is a person who works on the rock face and cuts, blasts or otherwise processes and extracts the rock. In the broader sense, a "miner" is anyone who works in a mine, not just a worker on the rock face.
Mining in Germany is a dying industry. One colliery after another has had to close in recent decades. In 1970, almost 250,000 people worked in Germany's coal mining industry alone - today there are less than 5,000
The backpack, which has been around since GW2, was never of interest to me. There were no or very few opportunities to use it where it played a role and complemented an outfit. Recently, I had to complete an event in Droknar's Light, and that's when the idea of the miner came to me. And that's how this screen story came about.
The extraction and mining of coal was based on the individual physical labour of the miners. Local crews, consisting of miners and carters, unloaded the coal and transported it to the base line with the help of conveyor troughs. The crews usually exchanged wages with the miners for a certain number of full coal wagons per shift. Nowadays there are certainly different safety measures and different clothing for miners. I orientated myself more on the historical clothing.

The moss cap is an old, traditional headgear worn by miners. It was intended to protect miners working underground from the impact of small rockfalls and from hitting their heads on the roof of the tunnel (ridge). The term comes from German and this type of hat was mainly worn in the Harz Mountains. Moss caps were made from a hard green felt, but there are also said to have been "crocheted" versions.
The knee-bow is part of the traditional miner's costume. It is made of leather and is used to protect the kneecaps when working in a kneeling position.
The miner's apron (German: Arschleder, Bergleder or Fahrleder) is part of the clothing worn, especially historically, by miners in the mining industries of German-speaking Europe. Variously called in English a miner's apron, a miner's after-apron, breech leather or miner's leather apron, it was a leather apron that served to keep the seat of the trousers from wearing out when working or moving around the mine (Fahrung) as well as keeping out the cold and moisture when sitting. It also provided protection especially when entering inclined mineshafts. Another advantage was that it stabilised the internal organs from mechanical shock and vibration by acting as a sort of kidney belt. The miner's apron was a triangular or, more rarely, semi-circular piece of leather and was supported by the body belt.
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