Fire Witch

By Razhiel Di Britannia on March 25th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Head - Astral Conduct
Shoulder - Masquerade Mantle
Chest - Bladed Vestement
Gloves - Primitive Handwraps
Leggins - Raven Ceremonial Gown
Boots - Raven Ceremonial Sandals


This is your character and you can dress it up, give it an outfit according to your mood. In fashion, much is allowed and there are many directions, but what style is that (or rather without style)? Some armor combos just look strange. Here you use a skirt made of light fabric with feather (in real life it would be cotton) and combine it with a top made of metal with brutal skulls and chains (you could imagine it as a jacket with only studs and spikes on the surface). Then come sandals (flip flops) and mask/jewelry for face which is made of metal. Such a thing (a mix of eco + heavy metal) would look strange in RL and exactly so looks in game (even if this is a fantasy). Why do you call this Fire Witch is also not clear to me - here gibts not a single fiery armor... Weapons matching the look are not visible either.
2023-03-27 4:23