Magnis Kai

By Mechfire814 on March 22nd, 2023
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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This is my Norn wizard. I've been meaning to post this character on here for awhile. It's the first character where I learned a solid rotation as an ele and found a traveling wizard look I felt really happy with. I'll probably add new images later on. Hope you like it!

Armors & Dyes

Wizard's Hat - Blue Shade
Shoulder Scarf - Vintage silver
Council Ministry Vestments - Blue Shade, Vintage Silver, Gold sheen
Lightning Blessed Zephyrite Gloves - Vintage Silver, Cinders, Permafrost
Inquest Breeches - Blue Shade, Vintage Silver, Gold Sheen
Triumphant Hero's Footgear - Vintage Silver


Very wizardy and cool, great outfit!
2023-03-23 3:23

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