Simbi the Vibrant Orchid Weavess

By TheKimmynator on April 26th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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She dances with the elements, weaving colour patterns and their energy into impressive shows of magic.

When it comes to magic she has always looked for the beauty of it, not always realizing the destructive capabilities until she whirls her sword around her. She was always entranced by the displays of colour, light and sheer energy of her magic.

I saw @ kimjongkimchi's look and really enjoyed it, so I decided to apply most of it to my own character.

I love the purple/yellow contrast, it creates this warm, elegant and vibrant colourscheme that I wanted to try on my elementalist.
This is something new for me, I don't usually go for such ''low armor'' looks, but I do kind of enjoy it a lot. I did try to implement the red of the backpiece into her armor but it didn't pop as much with her skintone so I figured the rose could be a statement piece of sorts. I wanted to use the high heels for more of an elegant touch, cus I usually never go for high heel shoes with my looks, but they seemed fitting.

I'm still uncertain of the headpiece and shoulders, maybe it needs something glowy on her head to balance out the look? The dyes also come out differenty in certain light, unfortunately. Tried a few different things but I loved the effect of the feathers. Also, the placement of the shoulderpads give her a more classic burlesque look, and the whole look has a lot of motion due to it's pieces. Feathers, sleeves and petals all sway beautifully when moving around.


Head: Winged Headpiece: Imperial Gold / Imperial Gold / Recall
Shoulders: Trickster's Mantle: Recall / Imperial Gold
Chest: Nightmare Court Robes: Crystal / Imperial Gold / Bloodstone Dark Indigo
Gloves: Piercing Aria: Imperial Gold / Recall / Bloodstone Dark Indigo
Leggings: Bounty Hunter's Pants: Recall / Bloodstone Dark Indigo / Electro Lemon / Imperial Gold
Boots: Mist Shard Walkers: Imperial Gold / Recall

Eternal Forged Sword / Steel Lotus Dagger
Back item: Desert Rose


I have only had a quick look.... First idea: tone down the ornament on the shoulder part (mix the existing gold with another shade of gold?) and second: don't darken the feathers of the skirt, but darken the leg part. And the feathers more in this gold/pink colour as on the chest part (as if there was a dress and tights). Unfortunately I don't have time or access to the game at the moment to check...
2022-04-26 17:48

Fashion Guru
You have a good point! I tried a darker dye on the legs before it became a little overbearingly dark, but I tried another midtone, it does kind of work, but I'm still unsure hehe not sure if this link works
2022-04-26 18:10

Your link is viewable - I like this better, but it's hard to give advice on armour with such different colours without colouring it in real/in-game (the preview window often fakes the colours) xD
2022-04-27 2:54 in reply to TheKimmynator

Fashion Guru
As amazing as ever.
2022-06-04 17:12

Fashion Guru
Thank you so much! :)
2022-06-11 16:01 in reply to Saulot