The devout NOVICE

By ieva on March 15th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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____________________What is a novice?
The novitiate (from Latin novicius, 'novice') is the period of formation during which someone new to a religious community is in formation and preparation for the temporal vows of the order.
Today I present my pious novice. The classic components of the nuns' "dress code" are a bonnet and a simple robe. As inspiration I have taken the Benedictine ( nuns, are so to speak the original nuns. The habit of the Benedictine nuns is black and consists of a black undergarment surrounded by a belt above the waist. Over it is worn a scapular that reaches to the floor. This garment is a kind of wide cloth scarf with a hole in the middle that is pulled over the head. It does not cover the arms. In addition, Benedictine nuns have a white hood that completely covers their hair. Over it they wear a black veil - except for the new members of the monastery, the novices, who wear a white veil. The elegant headgear of a nun in the shape of a nun's wing cap is made of white, shiny fabric; The nun wing bonnet of world covers chastely head and neck area and lets the wings stick out at the sides. I dyed the shoulder white, the rest is black, like nuns wear. Matching staff with bell. And the potion as a halo, which made little sense until now, fits well with the styling.

I hope you like my pious novice, so enjoy my cosplay!

============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Weapon: Bellkeepers Staff
I have used: Selfles Potion


Fashion Guru
Very well done and unique. Kudos to you for making it all come together.
2022-03-16 6:52

Thank you for the compliment!
2022-03-17 4:44 in reply to Saulot

Fashion Guru
Thanks for teaching me a bit about nun's habits, it was really interesting to read! The look works good too, it rly gives off the Novice vibe.
2022-03-17 7:30

Ave, Maria! undefiled!
2022-03-23 21:31

thanks for feedback :)
2022-03-29 14:28