Kepkhet, Sunspear Courier

By TheKimmynator on February 24th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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Kepkhet, the Dune-Runner.

She's fast, that's why she became a Sunspear courier. Delivering intel from Amnoon to the far-south stretches of Kourna with her trusted mount, the Crested Plainsrunner.
She is often seen racing across sand dunes and leaping over crevasses, leaving
Forged and Awakened in the dust.

Of course not every delivery is smooth sailing, so she had to learn to defend herself. Daggers are her weapon of choice, they're light, easy to carry and don't slow her down with their weight. Her jabs and cuts are almost as quick as her running, but she will always try to avoid combat when she can...

Her armor is a mix of light cloth and enough plate to protect her as she strides under the scorching desert sun, avoiding arrows and magics hurtled at her.


I randomly unlocked the corsair leggings and they're a breath of fresh air in the heavy armor line-up. They're so light-looking that I really wanted to give my attempt at a look built around them. I came up with this courier idea, a Sunspear courier delivering important developments in the fight against the rogue human god, Palawa Joko and Kralkatorrik. I also wanted to draw inspiration from the Spellbreaker character art from the PoF elite spec-line up, so I stuck to soft whites and golds, which also match the classic Sunspear look of GW1.



Heavy Corsair Turban: Bloom / Worn Bone / Matriarch Brass / Citrus
Spellbreaker's Redoubt: Matriarch Brass / Worn Bone / Citrus / Bloom
Pit Fighter Chestguard: Matriarch Brass / Worn Bone / Worn Bone
Spearmarshal's Gauntlets: Cashmere / Worn Bone / Matriarch Brass / Bloom
Heavy Corsair Leggings: Worn Bone / Bloom / Bronze / Matriarch Brass
Ornate Guild Greaves: Brass / Worn Bone / Worn Bone

Back: Practical Scribe's Backpack


Fashion Guru
Nothing short of amazing. The dyes really make the armor pop and stand out, but still blend in great with the sands of Elona.
2022-02-26 6:31

Fashion Guru
Aaaah thanks so much! Appreciate it :
2022-02-26 17:36 in reply to Saulot