Red The Junker

By TheKimmynator on December 9th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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A brawler and a thief, this junker is one hell of a shot, and don't even get her started on her daggers...

Raised in the shrapnel and scrap metal of lost airships and battles long passed... Red turned out a lively character, despite the hostile environments she makes her home.

She's a rough-and-tumble ally but manages to make any less-than-fortunate combat situation work. Jumping into close quarters and zapping out with the snap of her fingers, ready to snipe down anyone and anyhting. Red's always in for a good time, whether it's crushing mordrem in the Silverwastes, aiming her rifle right between a god's eyeballs, or just an innocent bar fight. She'll take you up on that challenge!

A new look for my thief, loosely inspired by Arcane's Vi/Violet! (Watched the show and am absolutely o b s e s s e d) She looks like a scrapper/junker who loves shiny things but would rather craft her gear from found salvage. I also wanted to use the under-appreciated Forgeman boots and gloves, they give her a bit of a punk edge, imo. :)
I also didn't want to use the standard Magitech/Rubicon/Forgeman shoulder plates cus I felt like they were too predictable. I like this popped collar idea a little more, gives it a little more attitude, I think.


Falconer's Mask: Midnight Rust/Brass
Stalwart Shoulders: Midnight Rust/Tar/Ruby Red
Medium Corsair Jerkin: Tar/Midnight Bronze/Chestnut/Mohair
Forgeman Gloves:Bronze/Midnight Rust/Tar
Magitech Leggings: Tar/Ruby Red/Bronze
Forgeman Boots: Bronze/Tar/Midnight Rust

Back item: Ash Legion Backpack


I quite like the concept and armor combination and she sure has that scrappy air to her.
The daggers and the gloves fit together soooo well.
But I'm not really sold on the dye scheme.
Is there any special reasoning/story behind it? I guess it somewhat fits with the rifle and her name but apart from that it doesn't stand out as fitting any on the themes of the outfit especially well for me.
2021-12-10 8:35

Fashion Guru
I just liked the way bronze looked on the metals of the armor, I tried more gray hues but they looked too muted for me. Bronze gave it more of a cartoonesque feel, without it being full on cartoon. So I guess I choose a more popping colour scheme over muted/dull grays and browns :) Other than rhat I enjoyed the contrast it gave between the dark tar shades and the bright bronze.
2021-12-10 9:31 in reply to Gewreid

Fashion Guru
Btw what colorus would you preferred to have seen? I kind of figured you'd wanted to see more typical iron/metal colours, but would love to hear your idea!
2021-12-10 12:33 in reply to Gewreid

Fashion Guru
Colours* sheesh I can't type today :,)
2021-12-10 12:36

I really like the bronze as well and that reddish brown (is it the chestnut?) on the chest looks amazing too.
It's more that there is so much red that it doesn't really pop anymore but at the same time it feels too powerful to just be the base color, especially on the shoulders. Maybe the scarf/belt could be a different color for contrast?
I'm not sure myself what i'd do with the shoulders though... all black might be a bit much.

But maybe it's just me being tired of the old red-gold-black dye scheme. It's still a gold look anyway.
2021-12-10 13:31 in reply to TheKimmynator

Fashion Guru
Ah yea, I guess the red cloth could have popped more of there wasn't already so many warm adjacent colours! Or indeed, maybe change the cloth to something cool blue to contrast. Ah well, thanks for the input tho! :)
2021-12-10 14:59 in reply to Gewreid

The only thing I disagree with here is her hair color (but that's just my taste)... Beautiful interpretation! Gold
2021-12-17 6:53