My perfect SUMMER Dress (my Wardrobe)

By ieva on May 14th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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I generally underestimate the topic of outfits because clothes are simply not that important to me. But at the last minute it occurs to me that maybe I should make a little effort after all.... So I put on and take off one outfit after the other and almost have a nervous breakdown in front of the wardrobe because I just can't decide what to wear. In the end, I'm completely stressed out and go out in jeans and a T-shirt of some kind, which unfortunately leaves me with a look that is completely below my capabilities.
I have decided - this summer will be different. I'm going to try out a minimalist look and get myself a capsule wardrobe where I can mix and match all the pieces.
I don't dress up excessively to impress my companion or anyone else. My outfit should show me at my best - the way I would like to see myself in the mirror every day. Nothing should pinch or restrict me. I also want to feel absolutely comfortable and beautiful, of course. I absolutely must have a summer dress! Whether stylish in a restaurant or a relaxed walk in the park - you don't need a very special occasion for a summer dress.
There was just an offer in the shop for Stylish Shoes Skin.
When I tried to mix different pieces together, I created something like a capsule wardrobe for summer (which is also really trendy in 2021).

Shoulder jacket (Devout Mantle) with a longsleeve or crop top (Sorcerer's Coat) for a cool & stylish look. Silk blouse (Nightmare Court Robes) for a little extravagance. Or a Baseball Cap (Celebration Hat) on the head - ready is an uncomplicated styling that exudes absolute trend consciousness.

My favourite - a summer dress in pastel colours (Celestial & Frostbite Blue). The feather from Raven Ceremonial Garb goes well with Incarnate Mantle. To go with it I took Council Ministry trousers to pick up the feather pattern.

Have fun with photoshooting, the summer can come!
As a handbag: X7-10 Alpha & Dredge Canary


Crazy Idea
2021-07-11 8:04

thx :)
2021-07-18 5:48 in reply to Frans

The thought that went into this is incredible! The summer dress is definitely the highlight.
2021-09-01 8:17

thank you :)
2021-09-14 13:47 in reply to Ducky

Fashion Guru
Anet needs to make a designer handbag focus
2021-09-15 19:52

...good idea, lol !
2021-09-16 7:04 in reply to shopaholic