Wood Elf inspired medium look

By TheKimmynator on December 5th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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A look for my ranger inspired by the wood elf aesthetic from Tolkien's universe.

I wanted to create a look that kind of emanates the looks of Legolas, Tauriel and similar characters. Something leathery, yet with fine gold details, armour that blends into the woodland environment and looks a little opulent, but practical. The longcoat looks fairly warm and allows for agility, I still kind of doubt the boots and gloves but I think they look alright, they just don't fully match the shoulders which have are more spikey, but finding armor to match that and dyes that manages to match has been unsuccessful :s

Ofcourse I chose red as the strong colour (blue might have looked nice too) but red is my favourite so I just had to use it.

I used the Ganadriva longbow skin because it's not over the top and looks elegant yet practical. For the sword I was looking for a shape that matched the general elven blades, a slight curve and overall slim blade. This one seemed most appropriate despite the colours being cool and metallic.

Head: Adventurer's Scarf - Bloodstone Dark Coral
Shoulders: Ebon Shoulders - Bloodstone Dark Coral/Patina/Midnight Bronze
Chest: Warlord's Brigandine - Calfskin/Peanut Butter/Midnight Bronze/Evening Red
Gloves: Luminous Medium Gauntlets - Midnight Bronze/Midnight Bronze/Ominous Yellow
Legs: Ascalonian Sentry Leggings - Midnight Bronze/Midnight Fire/Peanut Butter
Boots: Luminous Medium Greaves - Midnight Bronze/Midnight Rust/Midnight Bronze/Ominous Yellow

Back: Winter Monarch Cape - Black Cherry/Cinnamon/Chocolate/Midnight Bronze


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