A Lagertha-inspired, yet more GW2 look

By TheKimmynator on December 5th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A lighter look for warriors who prefer agility over hefty cantankerous, packed-on plate armour. I inspired it on the armour you see worn by non-soldiers, rangers, mercenaries (think, the barbarians in Vikings). I enjoy the more leathery looking armor as it looks more practical for fighting, and I simply prefer speed and agility over slow, lumbering combat. :)

I went with more believable colours and weaponry, I'm not one for flashy gear and I don't think it would suit this character.

Head: Adventurer's Scarf-Burgundy
Shoulders: Heavy Houndskin Mantle-White-Tar-Chocolate
Chest: Commander's Armor-Tar-Tar-Cocoa
Gloves: Luminous Heavy Gauntlets-Shadow Abyss-Chocolate-Tar
Legs: Aetherblade Heavy Legplates-Tar-Tar-Cocoa
Boots: Luminous Heavy Greaves-Shadow Abyss-Shadow Abyss-Cocoa-Tar

Back: Winter Monarch Cape-Cocoa-Cocoa-Ruin-Tar


I like your red color for Adventure Scarf, which in combination with Heavy Houndskin Mantle is like the icing on the cake xD Gold
2020-12-05 13:32

Fashion Guru
Omg thank you! I love adding little hints of strong colours and some high contrasts hehehe
2020-12-05 14:21 in reply to ieva