Bloodstone Legion (Fun/concept)

By TehAn0mollie on August 10th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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8 7
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This look was based around the Bloodstone Backpack and new Bloodstone Visiage, and the theme of more "Bloodstone" items, where the other bloodstone pieces were presented as spikes.

The Greatsaw greatsword skin complements the over the top, violent insanity feel I was going for.

As of this posting, the Bloodstone Visiage (the red eyes) helmet is not yet in gw2style's list of headgear, it is gotten from the Current Events achievement for killing 5 new world encounters and finding several bloodstone shards around Tyria


Fashion Collector
Hahah, what a cool idea! It would be great if you added more screenshots (character screen etc.), but all in all, I like this idea a lot!
2016-08-10 4:40

Fashion Guru
I want more screens because it looks awesome !
At least one from char selection because we can't cearly see your mix here.
But still a great job :D
2016-08-10 7:12

Fashion Guru
Very fun and interesting look! I like that you used a Charr for this theme it makes it a bit more interesting than on a human female character for example.
I really like the spikey parts of the armour pieces you chose especially the shoulders and the gloves are very neat and I love that you used some different shades of red! The Bloodstone Visage- skin looks very cool on Charr imo and it adds up to a more dangerous vibe your character is giving me here.
The weapon and the backpiece are very fitting and overall this is a nice and round look and I think even gold worthy but I am missing the screens. As Minale and Pattou already pointed out more screens would be really amazing! The new map is a perfect loaction also don't hesitade to play with the different camera settings to create some more, different shots and a character selection- screen would be amazing so that we could observe the armour and your dyes in a natural light. All in all, good job but please do some more screens!
2016-08-10 9:32

Fashion Guru
Dude I just wanna say we need more screenshots!
2016-08-10 11:48

that's awsome.
2016-08-11 0:09

This seems to be a very cool and creative concept!
I love how you included the shoulder-piece here! It really looks like its made of bloodstone!
Some more screens would have been very nice for a proper presentation though!
2016-08-12 16:00

Nice idea!
2016-08-14 15:43