Dragon Páw

By Mechfire814 on March 19th, 2023
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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My dragon warrior Charr Revenant. I was inspired by the End of Dragons expansion and wanted to create a look that fits the theme. Plus I was thinking of Kung Fu Panda and of course had to put an image of him at the street noodle cart.

I sometimes switch between the Dragon's Jade weapons but found myself mostly using the Dokkaebi greatsword and Staff of Fortune. Hope you like it! I may edit or throw in other images in the future. It wasn't letting me save armor and dyes so I'll put the armor and dyes used below.

Head: Canthan Sun Hat - Shadow Abyss, Heirloom, Darkness
Shoulders: Shoulder Scarf - Grave
Chest: Etherbound Chestplate - Gold sheen, Darkness, Deep Jade
Hands - Dragonhunter's Gauntlet: Grave, Darkness, Gold Sheen, Oxblood
Legs: Braham's Legplates - Grave, Vintage Silver, Gold Sheen
Feet: Peg-Leg Boots - Darkness, Charred, Vintage Silver

Update: added images including Dragon's Jade Reaver and Cudgel


A fresh and interesting take on the ninja/kung fu theme that works well for a revenant too.
The look is varied yet coherant and blends a variety of materials and textures, wich fits the "travelling warrior" wearing a cloak and armor aesthetic.
The weapons work well thematically and fit the look, even if they don't really match the color scheme/glow of the armor that well.
2023-03-20 5:27

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