Palawa Joko's legacy

By Deathblade Kenny on February 16th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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Palawa Joko, the Scourge of Vabbi, is an undead desert king and the current ruler of Elona. Over 450 years ago, he led an army into Vabbi, crippling the then-province and, from there, staged his conquest of the entire continent, all but defeating the three provinces of Istan, Kourna and Vabbi. For two long years the people of Elona suffered under his reign, until the last bastion of hope for Elona, the great Kournan general Turai Ossa challenged him to one-on-one combat, far above the Battle of Jahai. Turai defeated Palawa Joko and sealed him beneath the sands of Elona, where he was kept in his place by the Order of Whispers.
Here is a small video of the final battle
So as u all know I like to make cosplays or inspired looks. Mostly from Guild Wars 1.
I tried to make this look for a long time and it wasn't possible without the apostle head... at last I got It. This was a real challenge and i didn't think i could pull It off...But I am satisfied enough. hope u guys like him :)


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One of the best looks for earth elementalist I've ever seen too.
2017-02-16 12:57

Wonderful concept! Love it :D Beautiful thematic screens too. Solid gold =D
2017-02-16 15:36

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Thanks alot krux
2017-02-16 16:35 in reply to Ashwolf

Deathblade Kenny
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thank you frederick ^^
2017-02-16 16:37 in reply to frederickx

OH MY GOD. it took me a second to think where you took these screenies. THESE ARE PHENOMENAL.

good job
2017-02-16 17:28

Such a cool cosplay!
I love the armor-comb on its own! The blue bits add some nice highlights and i love the use of that headpiece :D
Your screens are amazing! The desert scenery fits perfectly for the theme and have some nice poses!!!
Great style on its own + a nice piece of nostalgia.
Gold for sure :D
2017-02-16 17:35

That screen on the bridge on the last line... It looks exactly like that scene in the bonus mission pack of GW1 in which you play Turai Ossa fighting Palawa. Much memories, such gold wow.
2017-02-17 6:26

Deathblade Kenny
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haha yeah guild hall//desert borderlands//and Eotm are the locations. thanks alot :D
2017-02-17 8:42 in reply to katunix

Deathblade Kenny
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always brightens up my day when i can make someone rememeber the good times in guild wars 1 and reading such lovely comments ^^ ty hylek
2017-02-17 8:44 in reply to Hylek

Deathblade Kenny
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yeah ^^ i posted that scene in the description to watch it again. where he loses control and then leaps into ossa. :)
2017-02-17 8:45 in reply to Lepasconnu

I have no experience with gw1 but this is still great. It's rare to see earth themed Ele and I love the fact you used that hat. Gold
2017-02-17 10:41

Deathblade Kenny
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yeah I was also aware of the earth ele being behind. the makes the whole look imo :) ty
2017-02-17 11:09 in reply to Mek

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I'm not completely sold on the top and legs combo, it has too sharp of a break and does not blend well. I do love that you did not ignore the blue bits on the legs and incorporated it into the look. Gold OFC.
2017-02-19 4:51

Deathblade Kenny
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Thank you for your comment jesandsteven. The reason i choose this combo specifically is: It was the only combination which made the lints of palawa joko look like they were similar as to the real palawa joko version. now i know that can't be done. but i used my own creativity to make it work. sadly i am not happy with the pants and arm combo here but other combos were much worse. appreciate your feedback :)
2017-02-19 10:48 in reply to jesandsteven

That is one of the most original looks I have ever seen! Very good screenshots and of course perfect presentation. And as Ashwolf says, it looks nice for Earth Elementalist :p
2017-02-19 13:17

Deathblade Kenny
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oh thanks miggs i havent checked old looks for comments in a long time...i tried to make it as original as it can be xD
2017-06-17 13:25 in reply to Migg

2017-09-25 16:21

Deathblade Kenny
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yo thanks!
2017-09-25 16:47 in reply to MsBaru

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That's probably the most faithful recreation I could imagine. And you already nailed Togo before. And the screenshots are incredible!

I really look forward to seeing any other GW1 characters you may recreate.
2017-10-13 12:16

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
tyvm! i actually have a few more if u check out my profile. like balthazar. shiro. a tengu and margonite. i might come up with a few more eventually. just stay tuned ^^
2017-10-13 13:09 in reply to Chiorydax

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Great pictures!
2019-01-25 10:37

Lanaya Mirrorblade
I wonder if this look can now be improved with a human with thinnest build and embiggening tonic along with avian/deathly pauldrons or maybe scourge tendrils? And perhaps with funerary armor pieces for legs?
2019-02-11 15:23

Deathblade Kenny
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the posture wouldn't quite match but the build would. just as norn build is too beast but the posture matches tho.and i will have no tattoos to make him look undeaad. however i can use this toy shell infusion for it now.
2019-02-12 20:46 in reply to Lanaya Mirrorblade

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Praise Joko!
2020-05-05 20:04